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“None of the remedies actually reduce the duration of illness but they make you feel better and that’s important.”
- Chris Caroll,MD
    What Is Bronchitis? How Is It Caused?
•    The bronchial tubes which are responsible for transporting air to our lungs,start swelling and producing more mucus when our immune system is busy fighting against flu viruses.This leads to lesser surface area for air to pass into lungs,leading to breathing difficulties and a nagging cough.
•    It can be caused due to staying in or travelling to places of low air quality,allergy to dust or certain food items,smoking and a weak immune system.
    Remedies
There are plenty of home remedies for bronchitis that can ease your symptoms and sufferings:-
•    Herbal and Natural remedies.
i.    There are certain herbs that help in soothing inflamed mucus membranes of the respiratory tracts.
ii.    Licorice roots(Mulaithee) and Echinacea(Kaalmegh):-They possess anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant properties help in reducing the inflammation of the bronchial airways and soothe the recurring cough.They help in keeping the throat clear from mucus.
iii.    Ginger:-It helps to decrease inflammation and oral ginger supplements helps in improving the symptoms.
iv.    Turmeric:-It has anti-allergy properties and it has an effect on histamines which are responsible for the allergic inflammation.
v.    Honey:-Honey is used in many cough syrups as it is proven to be beneficial in helping soothe an irritated throat and calm a cough.Patients may mix honey with hot water or tea to gain relief.
vi.    Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapples which has been found to be effective against inflammation and helps in coughing up phlegm.
Pro-Tip:- Try boiling slices of ginger in hot water until it releases some aroma,filter the pieces off and add honey to the concoction and consume it.
•    Eat spicy foods:-An antidote to a phlegmy cough and congestion lies in consuming condiments like hot mustard,wasabi,black pepper and horseraddish.If you don’t suffer from allergies of any kind to these spices,you may as well regularly include these in your diet to soothe your cough.
•    Inhaling steam:- Inhaled steam helps in loosening mucus and relieving wheezing.A vaporiser or humidifier can be used for the purpose.Usually leaning over a container of hot water with a towel wrapped over the head and inhaling the vapours also help.Try pouring a few drops of eucalyptus oil into the hot water as it is known for its anti-inflammation properties.
•    Gargling:-Swishing warm,salty water in your mouth and throat helps wash away excess mucus and soothes a sore throat.
•    Chicken soup:-A steamy bowl of homemade chicken soup  helps to soothe inflamed airways.The soup has been medically proven to help in inhibiting movement of infection fighting white blood cells.It has measurable anti-inflammatory properties.
•    Quit smoking:-If you are a smoker,it is better to quit it altogether.Smoking irritates the bronchial tubes and aggravates bronchitis.The effectiveness of other natural approaches amplifies if the bronchial tubes get rest from smoke chemicals.
•    Increase Vitamin-D intake:-Taking Vitamin-D supplements regularly helps in cutting down a further risk of bronchitis,especially in kids.

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